It’s time to speak about a woman, Alicja Kwade is an artist very accomplished in the contemporary art world. It’s easy to be captured by the persuasive and complex poetry of Alicja Kwades work. She participated at the current Biennale “Viva Arte Viva” in Venice with two installations that achieved resounding success.

But now let’s take a step back to her biography. She’s born in Poland on 1979 and she went to the “Universität der Künste” in Berlin where she received a degree in sculpture. She works in Berlin where she converted a famous film studio into her very own enchanting world. Alicja Kwade is a conceptual artist that investigate the concept of space and time. She prefers common materials like wood, glass, copper and everyday objects. Through these materials she give a different vision and meaning of the object.

Her gallery is the König Galerie in Berlin, the gallery represent 30 young artists but affirmed and internationals. The gallery’s focus is based on interdisciplinarity in a variety of media including sculpture, video, sound, painting, photography and performance. The gallery takes part in international fairs such as Art Basel, Frieze Art Fair, London, FIAC, Paris and Art Basel Miami Beach.

“Against the run” is a clock that marks the right time but she reversed the conventional mechanism. Adapting a nineteenth-century design that we might typically see in New York City, this clock confound the viewer expectation. The clock face rotate backward as the hands that continues to move forward, it’s almost impossible to read the time. In this way, Alicja Kwade pushes us to look reality through a new perspective.

So, Alicja Kwade wants to play with our perception and our imagination. She will forcing us to rethink our way of looking at reality. We are able to go beyond the codes and conventions that limit our vision of the world? Maybe we can discover a further meaning of beauty.


To see her portfolio:
Link to König Galerie:

FOOTE Cameron, Alicja Kwade: Medium Median, Whitechapel, 2018
ULRIKE Lorenz, Alicja Kwade, Gestalten, 2017
BLOMBERG Katja, Alicja Kwade Monologue from the 11th floor, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, 2015


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