It’s time to speak about an italian artist, performer and sculptor. He’s a pioneer of the Arte Povera movement, a group of artists who used poor materials and everyday objects to create art in order to express their anger to the commercialization of the art world. He prefer to work with soft materials for his sculptures. He get inspired by the Mediterranean culture like sea, land, animals with the playful dimension of art with a cycle of works who dedicated to weapons, real toys made of recovered materials (metals, straw, ropes). Many of his works reflected the icons of the mass culture.

Pascali’s work represent the concept of sculpture and art as instant manipulation of reality”. (Marco Tonelli)

The big size of “fake sculptures” is in contrasts with their lightness because it’s empty inside the sculpture. Pino Pascali deprives sculptures of a precise connotation: the weight. The cycle of ‘fake sculptures’ it’s essentially divided into two groups: the first includes prehistoric animals (dinosaurs, whales, dolphins, seagrass, reptiles) while the other it’s inspired by pure and uncontaminated nature (white cliffs, the sea, waterfall, bamboo).

Vedova Blu (Blue widow) is a giant soft sculpture that it’s made by acrylic coat. The sculpture have a close connection with Pascali’s roots and him life experiences. The blue widow is not scary because it was created in a spirit of play. It’s not very intimidating, only the name suggests this blue widow is deadly.


Pino Pascali’s Foundation

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HOLMAN Martin, Pino Pascali – a Multitude of Soap Bubbles Which Explode from Time to Time. Final works 1967-1968, Camden Arts Centre, 2011
TONELLI Marco, Pino Pascali. Il libero gioco della scultura, Parole e Immagini, 2010


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