Michel Blazy lives in Paris, his works are preserved in some of the most important international collections, including the Pompidou Center in Paris. Get inspired by Kusamono’s composition, Arte povera movement and Beuys. For over 25 years he has been using organic materials, integrating them with everyday objects. The artist creates aesthetic processes: his works result in perpetual alteration, in a hymn to metamorphosis and the inevitable process of renewal of the life cycle. The artist has already planted greenery in printers, computers, cameras and lots of common objects.

Michel Blazy have a critical point of view about the human relationship with time that technology has deeply changed. It’s the problem of time which awake him interest. He likes that these objects are a little bit overdue but at the same time they don’t show real signs of aging. It’s true that people get rid of these things before their life as working objects is over. A piece of plastic takes 4000 years to disappear, people throw away a computer after just 5-6 years.

Michel Blazy installed an oversized wall of footwear and flora for the 57. Venice Art Biennale at Arsenale. Collection de chaussures (shoe collection) includes a wall of sneakers and botanical species. He worked with organic medium integrated into ordinary objects like usual. The installation is a square structure illuminated in all the sides of the green wall. Over the course of the Biennale visitors can observe the cycle of life.


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FRANCESCHI Xavier, Michel Blazy, Manuella, 2015


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