Today we talking about an intellectual with an ironic artistic provocation: Salvatore Mangione. Salvo as a stage name was born in Italy on 1945.

On 1962 he was fascinated of a Bacon’s exhibition and he begins to approach to the art world. In the following years, he was study all the artistic forms, Boetti was one of his friends for many years.

Salvo is one of the young artists of the Arte Povera movement with Merz and Zorio. Initially he repudiating the brush like the other “Poveristi” artists. He begins the theme of self-celebration, the source of inspiration for Salvo. In fact, in all his debut works, we see him playing with his “I”. Provocatively, proudly, ironically, himself is the central element which his artistic expression rotate. On that period, the series of Lapidi (Headstones) is also inaugurated. Art is made with any kind of materials, including tomb stones, on which he wrote phrases like “Love me”, “I’m the best” or “I’m alive and alive”.

On 1973 he choose to came back to painting, he was a brave and tenacious person. His painting have a very recognizable style. He developed a series of landscapes where he proposed with ringing colors, knights among architectural ruins and visions of classic columns, seen at different times of day and night.

Salvo’s estrum and eclecticism made him a peculiar and unique artist.


Click here to see him works


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