I believe that every human being has an understanding of art. What is separating us is smaller than what is unifying us”. I think it’s interesting to open the speech with these words of a great Swiss-born artist.

Thomas Hirschhorn’s artistic works are a political reflection about current reality. He uses a wide range of techniques and medium like sculpture, video and installation. He usually prefer everyday objects, adhesive tape, paper, pieces of plastic to create collages like no one else. He always create collages with an unique and fully recognizable style.

They are a tool to make a window to another reality, or our reality to another world. I like to start with materials. They are accessible, and they still exist, because in fact it’s about a collage. It’s a collage in the third dimension, not in the 2nd dimension. What means doing a collage? It means to put things together who are not made to be put together. This is a collage, and here it is in the third dimension”.

Making a collage isn’t an easy work, it opposes resistance, it escapes even control of who has done it. There isn’t another expressive medium that have this great explosive power. In front of a collage you will often be speechless.

With “3 Easycollage and 6 Collage-Truth”, Thomas Hirschhorn transforms the MAN Museum into a disturbing space. The room is full of provocative suggestion and visual contrasts in which fashion photographs combine with war images. The artist conducts his own war against the tendency of mass media photography to concentrate only on partial aspects of reality. Looking at the collages we can see bodies torn apart by war and the same time of bodies idealized by advertising, in appearance that’s contrary to all logic but it represents a strategy to invert the process of assuefaction/ hypersensitivation induced by the media.


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HIRSCHHORN Thomas, Contemporary Artist, Phaidon Press, 2004
HIRSCHHORN Thomas, Critical laboratory: the writings of Thomas Hirschhorn, MIT Press, 2013


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