Can Contemporary Art Be Aesthetically Pleasing?

I heard many people say that contemporary art cannot be called art because it is not beautiful enough. First of all, the concept of beauty is very personal and subjective for each of us, but moreover this is just not true! Of course contemporary art can be beautiful, just as modern art or classical art or whatever you like the most.

Another objection I usually receive is that contemporary art doesn’t need particular skills or techniques, but again this is not true: there are some artists who did incredible things, with incredible meanings. And this is the main difference between contemporary art and all that came before it: it shares meanings, messages. It is not meant to be beautiful, but to be impressive and new.

An article from The Guardian sais that “It must have been when modern art started believing its own critics. Told again and again that modernism was “ugly”, the modernists defended themselves by arguing that beauty is a superficial, bourgeois value and true art is about ideas, politics, the sublime”. It can certainly be so, but the truth is that we can find some good looking pieces of art!

I suggest this article from the Tate Modern, which compares two different opinions about the importance of beauty in the arts.

This is why we chose to dedicate every Sunday to the most beautiful contemporary artworks, to show how this preconception is totally wrong. We will not explain them, we want to just let you be amazed by their beauty. It will be posted mostly on our Instagram page, but we will post the images here as well. It will be called #beautifulsunday.

We start today of course, with a work by Damien Hirst called Observation – The Crown Of JusticeHere is the link to his website.

– M.C.

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