Valerio Adami is an italian contemporary artist, best known in France.

He was very much influenced by american Pop Art, and if someone of you has familiarity with Andy Warhol (as most people do) it will be easy to see some similarities between the two of them, even if they are very different too. Later on we will explain which elements of the Pop Art language Valerio Adami is using in this artwork.

In this painting it’s still easy to distinguish the different shapes of objects and figures, even if they are depicted in a very geometrical and deformed way. There is a person in the middle sitting on an armchair, and from the title we know him being a transvestite. The symbology of the pink colour and the exagerated feminine forms can lead us to think of a someway transgender person, even if it is necesary to know that at the time this work was painted the general knowledge about this topics.

The bright colours and the black outline of the figures give the painting an overall cartoonesque look, that transports the viewers in an almost fictional world. These are the traits Adami has in common with Pop Art. It wants to depict the alienation of every individual in world of nowadays, and it is useful to think about how world was in the late ’60s: the television was having a big success, and the publicity was growing bigger and bigger, trying to catch people attention with bright, unusual images. In this world full of external images, the importance of the individual is easily lost. 

– M.C.

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