Fiona Rae is an english painter born on 1963 in Hong Kong. She lives and works in London, her paintings are showed in a lot of public collections, among which the Tate Modern in England, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington D.C and more.

The painting Figure 2A, Fiona Rae uses gray tones and she is focused on the calligraphic stroke of the brushstroke. The big size of the canvas allows her to keep control over the entire surface while standing in a fixed position, and she has the ability to paint with one gesture the entire canvas. The calligraphic traits are intense, lines appear spontaneous but at the same time painted with precision and discipline. Figure 2A it’s the first painting of the series that introduced the color on the foreground. The background it’s always painted on grayscale. This new attention at the color allows to increase concentration and dynamism in the ratio between the figure and the background, surface and stretch.

She chooses the titles of her paintings using a numerical sorting system: Figure 1A, Figure 1B, etc. This methodology creates a distance between the paint and the title, allowing the viewer to focus on the contemplation of the painting.

This serie of paintings, including Figures 2A, suggests the presence of a figure and at the same time emphasize his absence, remaining abstract. Fiona Rae research the insistence of the movement and the traces of paint that only the hand creates, the necessity to leave a mark that dates back thousands of years.

What I love about painting is that it embodies a series of thought and feeling processes. It’s all there on the canvas as a record. I can put something on the canvas, consider it, adjust it, remove it, replace it, add to it, conceal it, reveal it, destroy it and repair it. I can be in a good mood, a bad mood, a cheerful mood or a destructive mood – it’s all useful”. (Fiona Rae)


AVER Tristram, Fiona Rae, Dan Perfect, Nottingham City Museums & Galleries, 2014
BROWN Sarah, Fiona Rae: Maybe You Can Live On The Moon In The Next Century, Ridinghouse, 2012
COLLINGS Matthew, Fiona Rae, Timothy Taylor Gallery, 2008
HERBERT Martin, Fiona Rae, Timothy Taylor Gallery, 2015


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