Matteo Negri is an Italian artist who lives and works in Milan. He’s very well-know for him sculptures fitted in many towns. As a tribute to the maritime vocation of Genoa, the imposing LEGO knot was created, made in the colors of the city flag with the cross of San Giorgio. The public dimension of the urban installation creates fast dynamics of fruition and relationship between the artwork and the public.

Research and study of materials are the starting point for him artworks. Material is important like the subject for creating him sculptures. Each material could be a new discovery. Often happens that the material guides him in the construction of the work.

Him Legos are acrobatics, they twist and rise without any effort. They are very colorful: small and large scale, real or imaginative. Legos sculptures functions as a metaphor of building, as an icon of play and creation. His aesthetic choices assume as explicit iconographic references in correlation with the artist Piet Mondrian and Alighiero Boetti.

Check his portfolio



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