Here we are talking about Andy Warhol again! But today we are speaking about a completely different artwork. If you want to see the previous one, check it out here
How many times did you think “I could have done that!” in front of a contemporary work? Well, in this case Andy Warhol is making fun of you! But don’t be too mad: he’s joking!
Andy Warhol worked on this series in 1962, and painted five paintings, all with the same concept: a pre-printed line drawing with a basic correspondance numbers-color per aerea. It resembles kids’ coloring books, that allows anyone to draw and color something that can be very beautiful.
Andy Warhol is telling the viewer that yes, he could have done that. And it is so easy to do that it is like a children book. But he did not. The stupidity of this adfirmation is enhanced, and underlined. But at the same time Andy Warhol is saying that making art is simple and easy, or at least should be, and that it fills blank holes in our reality.
– M.C.
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