Fabio Ranzolin is a young Italian artist, and he works between Venice, Vicenza and Rome. He is emerging in the art world, but you can see many works of him on his website! I really suggest you to take a look, you’ll be surprised. You can find it here.

Fabio Ranzolin creates very interesting installations, each of them has a unique story behind. This one follows this trend, but I would leave the words to him, as the work is based on his personal story.

The artist says that this is “a series of parquet flooring straps stacked up in a precarious way, every element removed from the floor of a master bedroom placed in a typical Italian building from 1964.
The strips were left dirty, ruined and disfigured by the course of time. Two construction safety belts hold the cube together, which were generally used for tethering bulky objects or transport equipment. Within such a minimal structure is hidden the wedding ring of my father: a unique and precious piece made of yellow gold, in traditionally simple design in which on the inside is carved the name Mariangela, my mother.

The title of the art piece, hardly translatable in English, is based upon a descriptive and direct maxim, nevertheless vague, since it triggers a wordplay.
In the Italian language , indeed, the word “fede” has a double meaning, the first one is “faith” as the solid and confident believe in the truth and it the righteousness of an assumption, and the second meaning is “wedding ring” as that alloy ellipse meant to symbolize the promise of love and unending union which tangibly enshrines the rite of the marriage.
The art piece could be translated as that: my father has always been a man without faith/wedding ring, revealing this way a paternal aptitude for atheism and for a levity upon that promise; however he, in 1980, had decided to get married with the sacred rite more for a belonging duty than for a sincere vocation, and such an inclination indicates a typical Italian cultural model.

The ring, however, cannot be seen, it is concealed: inside this dirty cube of wood there is a really precious object, that is personal and heartfelt. A “heart of gold” which can be “seen” just with an act of trust, activating a new simple model of materialist faith, just like that.”



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