I’m back, after a very exciting trip in Asia. I left Swiss alone, but I never been alone during my adventure. I met people from all over the world, and also I had a full immersion in the asian culture. There aren’t right words to describe that experience but I would try to transmit the knowledge that I learned about asian art, fashion, architecture and culture. At first, I would like to do a short introduction about this asian post series. It could appear that this series isn’t focused in contemporary art, and maybe, that’s true. I will not just talking about contemporary art, I would like to talk about an human experience and all the things around it. The first time that I arrived in Thailand I was thinking “people smiling all the time so it’s all right here, I found a special place” but nothing is what it seems. So, If you appreciate some post that they cannot talk just about contemporary art, but they will describe most what’s happening in that country I will be happy to expose my impression.

A short itinerary:

I went one month in the north of Thailand (Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai – Pai – Bangkok).
And one month just in the south of Cambodia (Phnom Penh – Sihanoukville – Otres Village 2 – Kep – Phnom Penh).

I was shocked when I understood how two nations are so different even If they are neighbors. Doesn’t matter If we are in Asia or Europe, all the world is a country. But, I would like to explain how I came to this conclusion, so with the next post I will start to talk from the beginning of my trip.

Stay tuned for the tomorrow’s asian post!


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