I would like to start talking about a real “oasi” near the city center of Bangkok. I was unbelieved when I saw the beauty of J. Thompson’s house. I was fascinated of the architecture, the interior design, the pieces of ancient art and the fashion silk products of the Company. But I will start with an excerpt from the book that I bought in the museum:

The Jim Thompson house is a Thai-style house built by James H.W. Thompson, “The king of thai silk”. Thompson was an American businessman who came to Thailand at the end of the Second World War, he became interested in the colorful Thai silk and established the successful company that still beats his name. The house, actually a group of traditional teak structures brought together from different areas in Thailand, was completed in 1959. It was a setting both for elegant social entertaining and a treasure trove of art from Thailand, Cambodia and other Asian countries, including paintings, porcelain, statuary and antique forniture. After Jim Thompson’s mysterious disappearance in Malaysia, in 1967, the house, was transformed into a private museum and is now one of the most important destinations for visitors in Bangkok”.

The excerpt explain perfectly the situation, in this first post about Jim Thompson, I would like to show some pieces of ancient art belong to him and still in the house. Unfortunately I couldn’t do pictures by myself during the visit in the house. So I will show some pictures that I found online:

1. Jim Thompson House.
2. Dvaravati Buddha, 8th century.
3. The Dining room.
4. Annamese pieces, dating from the 14th-15th centuries, differ from Chinese blue-and-white ware as the bottom of the base is dark brown instead of white.
5. The Drawing room. All the furniture is Thai, while the figures displayed in the niches are Burmese.
6. Seated bronze Buddha, 20 cm tall, Lopburi school, 13th century. The image is in royal attire and in the gesture of calling the earth to witness.

Stay tuned for the next week asian post!

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