This work is focused on the effects of global warming (effects that some governments are now trying to deny…) captured through the powerful lenses of the camera. You can see a slideshow with some examples of the works down below.

The project started in 2007, when the artist photographed different portraits of people in two different floods, one in the US and one in India. He noticed how the two portrait seemed similar, thinking that in disgrace every human is equal and needing for help.

The global warming is a fundamental topic nowadays, not only to think about but to act about. Mendel is trying to do precisely this, with his powerful shots.

Every person involved in his pictures seem to be equal and in the same place, while they are in completely different coutries: this is noticeale though only paying extra attention to their skin color, their clothes and the environment.

The global warming is threatening all of us at the same level, everyone of us has to be conscious and act about this: even the littlest action could make a difference!


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