#ZoomOnMovements – Introduction

Hi everyone! Today we are introducing you the new column of Zoom On Contemporary Art!

We decided to present a contemporary movement each Monday, to better understand the artworks and the future topics of our website! Each article about the movements will have a little historical background, the indication of some of the major artists and the main works (some of them are already been explained in some previous articles, some of them will be explained more in depth in the future). Moreover, we will make comparisons with the history of art, with other movements of the ‘900 and with other artists or works.

Everytime we will speak about some artworks we will be able to ralate it to some of these movements, to make it all easier to understand for everyone!

The next post will be about Pop Art, the most appreciated (but least understood) contemporary movement!

The photo here is a fundamental step for contemporary art curators, because it is the cover of the catalogue of one of the most important exhibitions of all times. We are speaking about the exhibition called “From Cubism to Abstract Art”, presented in 1936 at the MoMA (New York) by Alfred Barr Jr. It is a beautiful example of artistic research and divulgative systems. We thought it could be the perfect way to inagurate this new chapter!

We are very excited to start this new adventure with you, and we hope that this column will be appreciated as well as the other ones! Stay tuned for the next posts!


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