Aaron Carpenter is an artist living and working in Vancouver. This work was done for the Vancouver Art Festival in 2009.

Today we are presenting a work that is difficult to find on the internet, but that we find very interesting. We thought that it may deserve some space on our website!

The image on the flag reminds of the images that were used to appear on televisions when the programmes stopped in the middle of the night. In fact, in the past the TV channels didn’t have the constant programmation we have today, but at a certain time of the night, around 2.00h, the programmation used to stop. All the people that couldn’t fall asleep in the night, who watched the TV until a late hour, were used to see that image at the same time in many parts of the world.

The artist copied that image and transformed it into a flag, as to unify all the insomniacs under one symbol.

In a more wide sense, a flag like this is unifying a population under an aspect that goes beyond the nationality, like usual flags do. It reminds us that we are all equal all over the world, and we all have the same problems and characteristics. We can relate to many certain labels, and one of these is insomnia.

The labels are controversial, probably nowadays there are too many of them. But the sure thing is that they are useful to allow everyone to understand themselves better and to feel part of a community, before overcoming the labels and going on. A flag is the visual symbol of this theme.


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