Today I’m talking about my first experience like a woman that travel alone.

That’s a kind of call for every girl that having a dream in common: discover the world totally free.

At least, the first step it’s the more difficult: making the decision to travel alone and buying the flight ticket. But in my case, I realised what I was doing just 1 hour before the airplane arrived in BKK airport. My mind was in trouble, I was starting to thinking negative about almost everything’s : “I’m in the other side of the world, I’m alone, maybe it’s difficult to communicate, how people are there? And what about If I need help? What can I do? Maybe I will be alone all the time… Two months is a long trip! I will feel safe? Help, I want to come back home, now!” I went extremely in overthinking. But, all my fear disappeared when I arrived there.

The most important thing is totravel in a safer way, I can confirm that I was never felt safe like in Thailand, even in my country.

When you will open the door at the world you will realise that how many girls like you and me there are in the world. A lot of women are travelling alone, now, in this moment, they are more than you can imagine. I knew a lot of very kind people, with a very good vibes and energy, and specially: women.

I hope that my few words can help girls to make the decision to pack all the things and start to travel alone!

I’m sure that will be the most beautiful experience of their life!

At the end, two months wasn’t enough, time run very fast, so I come back home just for 4 weeks and then I flight to Asia one more time and I’m still here.


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