Thawan Duchanee was a Thai contemporary painter, architect and sculptor. He’s one of the best national Thai artist, but his controverse work wasn’t always appreciate by the society. Born in 1939 in Chiang Rai, he studied art in Bangkok and Amsterdam. He died in 2013 at 74 years old.

Some of his early works caused a shock in the conservative Thai society and he was accused of disrespect god Buddhism. Fortunately, Thawan’s art was supported by important figures of Thai society and his works became famous throughout Thailand and all over the world.

Thawan was the first engraver using a new technique. He used a special ballpoint pen to create incisions that contain millions of strokes.

The unique characteristic of Taiwan’s paintings includes not only religious form and history but also the color used. After learning the characteristic black and white painting from Chinese, Indian and Japanese artwork, he used this technique in order to express his inner feeling.

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