Today we are talking about the current exhibition at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT in Tokyo. The exhibition shows the photos of leading 20th century photographer William Klein as a starting point then attempts to present metamorphoses in the vision of the cities from the 20th century to the 21th century using unprecedented dynamic photo display methods.

Klein’s creative approach of freely crossing various genres, not only photography, but also painting, filming, design an fashion, will continue to have a decisive impact on the framework of the visual culture in the 21st century.

The purpose of this exhibition is that I wanted to contrast the ambitious attempts of young Japanese and Asian artists to examine cities and people in the 21st century and transcend the boundaries of photography, with the photos of the energetic Klein at the center”. Toshiharu zito (exhibition director)

The innovativeness of Klein’s photos has become the inspiration source of photographers and visual artists around the world. The exhibition focuses on photographers in Japan and Asia who, with their unique creativity, opened up the world of photographic expressions and gaze at cities and people from an audacious perspective.

In the gallery below are showed pictures of most of the exhibition.

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