1942: in Time Life magazine Alfred Eisenstaedt publishes a series of photographs thought as a tutorial for women, teaching how to elegantly consume spaghetti “like a lady”. The series is made up of 8 portraits that feature a charming model who’s elegantly consuming a plate of pasta.

Olimpia Zagnoli, young and talented Italian illustrator, reinterprets this concept through various media in her solo exhibition “How to eat spaghetti like a lady”, 2017. Her girls taste their plate of spaghetti in a completely “modern” and authentic way; they’re free from social conventions and etiquettes and offer a glimpse at women’s domestic intimacy.

Despite eating spaghetti seems a common and monotonous gesture, each girl has a different way of doing it: individual personality, attitude and creativity come unexpectedly to light!

“I’m celebrating the times when they [women] do what shouldn’t be done, they create new paths and new languages. There will be the woman who eats her spaghetti in bed, the one who eats them upside-down, the one who weaves them with her own hair, and so on”.

We cannot forget to mention her graphic style: the image is shaped with just few, essential morbid lines. Geometry, softness, balance between shapes oppose to the bright, flat colours Zagnoli uses in her artworks. The result is fresh and essential.

Take a look at the project!


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