THE MONSTER PROJECT, 2017 -#illusthursday

The Monster Project is a beautiful, pedagogic project that aims to help children recognise the power of their own imaginations and to encourage them to pursue their creative potential. And everything is done through illustration! Magic, right?

How it works? I couldn’t wait to tell you.
Artists knows that the children’s imagination is almost infinite (you know, sometimes even a little too much), but a lot of them tend to lose their creative potential while growing up. Adulthood: messing things up since birth.

Sometimes it just happen; but more often, it’s because many children don’t have the opportunity for creative exploration they deserve. As the creators of the projects say, “that’s a monstrous (ahah!) trend we would like to destroy”.

That’s why a group of dozens of artists got together and invited some Elementary students to draw monsters. They then reinterpreted the little artist’s creations through their own artistic styles, to show them what their idea sparked in others, and later delivered in person these new interpretations back to the students to “demonstrate new art techniques within their original creative context”. Woah!

Of course this experience is unique also for the illustrators: it allows them to see again the world through the fantastically bizarre, unobstructed eyes of a child.

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Check them out!

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