When I saw the exhibition “New Planet Photo City” at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT in Tokyo I was really impressed by the “Diorama maps” of Sohei Nishino. I have already wrote a generic post about this collective exhibition that compare William Klein photography and Asian contemporary visual artists on 11 April 2018. But I purposes avoided to talk about specifically contemporary artists and I preferred to give the right space to one artist that I consider a rising star.

Sohei Nishino is a freelance Japanese photgrapher that combine collages, cartography and psychogeography to create large prints of urban landscapes. His work is really detailed and takes a lot of time, visual skills and sensibility. He made the “Diorama maps” at first walking around the city for three months, exploring a lots of different panoramic views and taking hundred of rolls film. After that, he prints every photo by hand in his dark room. According with his memories he combines photography, collage, cartography and psychogeography in order to create big prints of urban landscapes. That’s definitely a new way to reinvent the cities that he visited.

The artworks are big maps that If they are saw by distance seems like abstract images of the most famous cities in the world. But closer you will see them you can discover every single detail of every picture that is made, every images is like roads scenes, textures, natural landscapes and daily lifestyle. It’s must be an alternative point of view of the city.

Him artworks are very fascinating and they contain a multitude of interests like trip, photography, collages, art, landscape and they must capture the attention of the viewers.

Sohei Nishino has an innate sensibility about pictures, a great ability in photography and a lot of fantasy.

The result of him “Diorama maps” it is detached from the concept of an ordinary map, the artist uses photography of concrete objects and forms to create a geographical representation. Him artworks are a lecture of the city by him memories and images. The result isn’t an accurate map but a city made by a single individual point of view. That work requires a great attention of the details and a very well skill to calculate the composition around only one landmark.

In the gallery below are showed artworks that he choose for the latest exhibition in 21_21 Design sight in Tokyo.


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