Today it’s the first time that we are talking about a Chinese artist. Xiaogang Zhang isn’t just a famous artist but also a spokesman of the Chinese culture in the world.

His artistic production is mixed with the history of China during the last 60 years. When he was a child he lived the Chinese Cultural Revolution of Communist regime leaded by Mao Tse Tung.

He was only eight years old when bursts the Cultural Revolution in China, during which his parents were shipped in a correctional field work. Zhang and his three brothers growth up with him aunt. Just a few years after finished the Art High School, Zhang Xiaogang remained deeply marked by a second big event: the Tiananmen Square protest. Both students and intellectuals were demanding more freedom and they organized a protest of Forty days, but the military intervention made a real massacre.

The history is mixed in the artworks of Zhang Xiaogang. There is love and attention to the family, the political and cultural contradictions of the period and all the influences of the great historical events that touched up close to him. He also could not expose him artworks until the year 1997.

His most famous paintings are the “Bloodlines” serie, where he tells about family relationships, social and collective problems in China through portraits of group inspired by images of Cultural Revolution.

His subjects seems like separated, physically neighbors but isolated from each other, they seem almost “randomly grouped”. The artworks of Xiaogang are painted with an incredible gently, but at the same time they have a strong emotional impact on the viewer. “My mother had fear that I could do troubles, so she taught me to draw, and that’s what I did”.

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