Alex Grey is an American artist specialised in Visionary art and constantly associated at the New Age movement. He’s a Vajrayana praticant, a sculptor, a performer and he make also multimedia works and installations. He became famous thanks to collaborations with famous bands like Tool, SCI, Beastie Boys and Nirvana.

His first approach to art was with a serie of performance done in the last 30 years. Grey intends to investigate different phases of their psychological development through art actions, the most recently is “WorldSpirit” (an interaction of voice and music realized with Kenji Williams in 2004). The artist wants to show his vision about an hypothetical “rite of passage”, being inspired by ancient shamanic cultures.

But is when he met his future wife that they experiment the hallucinogens effects of LSD. A few years later, in an interview with Ken Wilber for Integral Naked, he admitted how acid hallucinations have influenced him and led him to spiritual practice.

Thanks to working for five years to the Harvard Medical School and preparing corpses for the dissection. Grey thus deepens his knowledge of the human body and prepares for the realization of “Sacred Mirrors” and a series of anatomical art tables.

Composed by 21 artworks full life size, Sacred Mirrors is the most famous Grey’s opera. The paintings represents the artist’s trip to research our divine nature through the careful examination of human body, mind and spirit. Ten years, since 1979, have been necessary to examine man in the cosmic, biological and technological evolution. The human body is showed by “X RAY”, showing organs and spiritual energies. Therefore, merging multiple levels of reality and consciousness are merged in front of the observer’s eyes, thanks to the skill of the artist’s hands.

Alex Gray studies through his works this human being revealed in the most significant moments of everyday life and of life: such as prayer, meditation, birth, pregnancy and many others.

The most recent works of Gray explore the subject of consciousness in the perspective of universal existence, where the bodies become grids of fire, eyes and endless galactic swirls.

In the artist’s production there are various religious symbols such as auras and chakras, as well as recurring geometrical shapes and tessellations. Olga Worral and Rosalyn Bruyere, healing notes, have expressed appreciation for the skilful representation of these mystical visions.

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