Today we are talking about the impressive work of Suriwan Sutham, an emerging and talented Thai female artist. The first time that I saw his work was at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center as a current exhibition. The artworks are painted in maxi format and they immediately caught my attention. The pictorial technique is accurate and realistic, the artworks are a joy for the eyes of the viewer. Every painting have a charm in its own right but all are conceptually related.


“Illusion – Womankind” is a creative project leading to the understanding on the social phenomenon of womankind, especially focusing on “Mythology” of beauty. Women are lured through a great number of media channels. Even ourselves, we also have a participation in creating these concepts of women and beauty in the society. The mythology has drastically changed its function due to their lingering on the illusion maze of this material world.

Under the concept of this creative projects, it reflects the beliefs of some women who want to raise their status levels equal to others in the works of materialism. For this reason, it is similar to a comfort to their minds which secretly comes together with the mythology of beauty. The content of “womankind” and materials led to the process and techniques of 2-dimentional paintings. The style of realistic painting and symbolism implicitly signify the meanings which conceal in the apparente, value, beauty, belief and current lifestyle.

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