In the Palais de Tokyo in Paris there was a very controversial exhibition until the beginning of May 2018. The main artists involved in the exhibition – called One and the Other – were Kader Attia and Jean-Jacques Lebel, but they wanted to include other artists as well as found objects with anonymous creators. I am saying this to underline the total surprise I had when I found this artwork among the others!

The soft colors, the sense of infinity it transmits, the indeterminacy of the spaces it creates, are all elements that attract the viewer and capture him/her, without him/her knowing exactly why. The whole exhibition was about the objects’ power of communicating something, and this is a perfect example.

The fence leaves a hole opened for trespassing, a door on the other side, but we observers don’t know if we are inside or outside. We don’t know if we are able to finally escape a cage or if we are about to enter. Moreover, the space on the other side is indefinite: it seems that the hole opens on the absolute void, but maybe we just cannot see the beautiful place underneath the canvas. Is it a door to freedom or a door to death?

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