Krissadank Intasorn is a Thai artist born in 1986 in Thailand. Krissadank Intasorn is a middle-career artist specialized in painting, for his painting uses various materials, such as paper, wood and mixed media.

The focus of his work is about the homosexual orientation in the Thai culture. In “Shape of water” are showed two marine figures patently with a men’s body. The two subjects are hugging in a sexual and sensual way. Even If they are two different creatures, love doesn’t know sex-orientation or race limits.

Generally, the homosexual behaviors appear in the art throughout the ages from various cultures all over the world. This kind of art reflects the attitudes towards the homosexual behaviors in each social culture that accepts the same-sex orientation. On the other hand, looking back to Thai traditional
paintings, there are very rare to find contents on gay subject even though Thai culture has an open-minded in homosexual for a long time ago. There are only few proves in Thai murals that appear to be illustrated in picture of the relationship of men that could imply their furtive homosexual orientation in the style of “Bromance”.


IMAGE 2018-05-23 13:38:15

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