There’s a date that you can’t miss in Milan: the exhibition of Giosetta Fioroni’s artwork. Fortunally do you have still time to visit the exhibition until the 26th august 2018. “Viaggio sentimentale” (Sentimental Journey) it’s the first big anthology exhibition that Milan dedicated to Giosetta Fioroni, there are 160 artworks able to show to the viewers the complexity of themes of her entire artistic evolution.

She is one of the highest figure of the so-called “Scuola Di Piazza del Popolo a Roma” together with Franco Angeli, Mario Schifano, Tano Festa and all the artists that animated the gallery “La Tartaruga” by Plinio De Martiis. Giosetta Fioroni represents an exception in the Italian art’s panorama, out of the chorus, out of the fashion, lucid and explosive. The artist has developed in over sixty years of activity a strong and eloquent visual language made of symbols, signs and emotions. She was moving between painting, drawing, performance, video, theatre, ceramics and fashion, she has always intertwined work and daily life in a bold and romantic way. The name of the exhibition got inspired by the song “Sentimental Journey” by Doris Day in 1944.


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