5 tragedies by Shakespeare, retold by Bruno Blume and lavishly illustrated by 5 artists (Susanne Janssen, Anke Feuchtenberger, Jacky Gleich, Pascale Küng, Alice Wellinger). The focus of the narrative and artistic reinterpretation is the role of women in Shakespeare’s works.
Here we can admire the reinterpretation of Othello by Alice Wellinger. A series of  paintings, as delicate in the green-pinkish palette and brush strokes as strong in the scenes they show; as the story of Othello itself is full of violence. The illustrations are focused on the doomed female character, Othello’s wife Desdemona.
Although she started her career as a graphic designer, Wellinger is today a painter and illustrator based in Austria, creating “surreal, ironic, dealing with the troubles of daily life and childhood memories art”.

As a self taught Illustrator I am a late starter. I worked as a graphic designer for many years. After I gave birth to my twin girls, I began to write and illustrate children’s books. Although these books got published and won some awards (like the Austrian Children’s book prize), I kept eye for new shores.

A few years ago I started to work as an editorial illustrator. I like doing this because of the artistic freedom it allows me (most times at least). Each commission is a new challenge.

As she said, she always try to tell stories in her pictures: she likes to leave something to think of to her public.

Click here to see the whole Othello series.

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