Max Hooper Schneider is an American conceptual artist, his artworks are installation made by Kinetic sculptures (to know more about Kinetic Art, click here). He creates environments contained in terrariums, aquariums and acrylic showcases, blending biological and synthetic ephemera with aquatic and plant life.

The artist works with a large range of different materials, from organic and vegetables materials in conjunction with tapestry, resin, collage and photography. Thanks to his studies in biology, architecture and urban design, he is able to work with science and art at the same time. Trans-Habitats it’s an example of an installation series that are on the line between the artificial and the authentic.

Trans-Habitats are imaginary living ecosystems housed in unusual containers: a 1950s-laden Kenmore-style dishwasher filled with glassware that become a black water barrier, a VHS recorder plays a tape of a concert inside an acrylic showcase, a terrarium that combines car parts, animal materials, plastic plants and neon signs.

The artist’s journey will explore reef ecologies around the globe, and will include dimensions of research and documentation, as well as sculptural events. […]“.



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