Sara Cwyna is a contemporary conceptual photographer born in Vancouver. Her power is to transform daily life objects into artworks. Thanks to her artworks she can emphasize the consumistic cycle of the capitalistic society that impose his standards not just on the objects but on our contemporary society.

Her work is a kind of chaotic assemblage, she often begins with found daily life objects that somehow are pleasant with the still life and then she creates from there. In these Contemporary Floral Arrangements images, she starts with floral still lives that she finds in the New York Public Library, she breaks them up and piece them back together, and then she rebuilds them out of a mix of contemporary objects and discarded materials that she finds. She generates a new still life out of an old one, she is able to make natural images using discarded materials that wouldn’t traditionally find a place in a produced still life photograph.

I am interested in the steady stream of images that comes at us from different channels in everyday life, how these have helped to build and reinforce a shared view of the world. The pictures I have made are, in a sense, trompe-l’oeils. I am trying to foreground the experience in which the photo reveals itself to the viewer, where you unpack what the image is actually showing you. This happens with all the vernacular photos you see every day, but it happens too quickly to notice it. In this work, what might appear to be three-dimensional is flat, what might seem “beautiful” or “sophisticated” is made up of junk, and what might look old is new. The intention is to confuse the reading of the picture.” (Sara Cwynar’s interview)


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