Back in 2016, the election of Trump was very controversial, and he was received as a president sometimes in a joyful way and many times with contrasts.

Aria Watson was not old enough yet to vote for the American elections, she was 17 years and 50 weeks old at the time. But her will to participate to the political debate was strong, and as an artist she contributed in this way: she collected some of the most sexist quotes for the President Trump and she wrote them on some women’s naked bodies.

The words by Trump – which remain words after all, they fly away – are cemented in arts and are applied to the real victims of the situation: the women.

This artwork brings up not only the sexism in the words of Trump, but also the acceptance of those words by the generic public and especially by the electors. This is a perfect example of how the rape culture has deep roots in our society.

Aria Watson’s work of art went viral after being cancelled from Facebook and Instagram for nudity, and neither the artist was expecting this. Maybe art can show reality in a more convincing way, or maybe it can denounce an unbearable situation, making people wake up.

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