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Elina Chauvet is a Mexican artist and architect, who became passionate about art as an autodidact.

The itinerant installation Zapatos Rojos (literally “Red Shoes”) is made of hundreds of red shoes’ pairs, each of them represents a woman who disappeared in Mexico. In particular, the artist is referring to the situation in Ciudad Juarez, where women are killed without any consequences. The artist herself lost a sister in this horrible way. Besides this terrible violence by itself, Chauvet wants to make people aware of the silence that rules in Mexico around this topic.

The installation should be installed outside in a large space: in this way it resembles a silent march of absent women who protest for their lives.

The shoes are colored with the color red for a precise reason: to denounce violence and murder, it makes sense to use the symbolic color of blood and death. Red is a color that immediately touches the deepest cords of our soul, putting us in a mindset of owe that is necessary to appreciate this work.

Even if we spoke about Mexico until now, it is important to say that it applies to the whole world, even if we don’t live in an extreme situation like that one. To sensitize the people on this perpetrated violence is absolutely necessary. To underline this, the installation travels around the world since the year of its creation, being presented in Europe, in South America, and in the United States.

If you want to know more about the project:

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