Chiara Fumai (1978-2017) was an Italian artist born in Rome. Her artistic career was focused to represent the contemporary media culture through a radical feminist ideology. She was renowned by Italian art galleries with her video installations and performances.

One of her first artwork named “Chiara Fumai presents Nico Fumai” (2008), the artist presented her paternal figure turned into a pop singer of the ’80s, underlining the media mechanisms of Italian television in 1980.

In particular, the artist showed the phenomenon of the Italo disco to the public, and she was appropriated the same mechanisms of media promotion of this kind of music has availed itself. The form of this performance is a conference focused on the legendary career of her father, singer and composer Nico Fumai. Chiara Fumai explained the fictional principle that animated the Italian disco between the seventies and eighties, transforming it into the motif of a artistic operation in which reality and image fade into one another.



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