CITY, ANJA SUSANJ, 2016 – #illusthursday

Delicate drawings for a delicate story. Anja Susanj, young illustrator from Croatia that loves to dabble with the peculiar and odd, meets the poetic novel City by Italian author Alessandro Baricco. The result is a series of graphite illustrations that give shape to the whimsical world of Gould, a child genius and lost boy.

The illustrations are my own interpretations of specific parts of the book, with added layers of conceptual explanations of particular paragraphs and their visual combinations.  Therefore, the illustrations themselves are only referencing the narrative of the text, rather than conveying it directly, while focusing on key points to tell Gould’s story but also so much more; together they form a body, albeit a dysfunctional one.

As Anja Susanj finds inspiration in Nature’s shapes, her drawings are a cohesion of natural and artificial elements that blend harmoniously. Being whimsical interpretations rather than literal descriptions, her images sometimes raise more questions than they do answer. But this is part of the charm of her work.

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