Today we are talking about a dissident Chinese artist that fight for the civil human rights. Ai Weiwei isn’t an ordinary artist, during his artistic career he went to the jail for disputing the Chinese government. Ai Weiwei becomes Ambassador of Amnesty International thanks to his loyalty to denouncing the drama of migrants through his works.

Theme as delicate as present it’s reflected in many works by Ai Weiwei, his last artwork named “The Law of the Journey” was showed at the 21st Biennale of Sydney. The artwork is an huge installation that represent a rubber boat with 300 migrants on board. His reflection considers that we live in a safe place but we can’t ignore all the people who need help. Politicians often are talking about building walls, stopping boats, but that’s an insult to these people’s human rights. Weiwei’s provocation is also focused at Australian politics: ships illegally attempting to reach the coasts of the country are rejected and migrants are relegated to remote camps in Papa New Guinea.

Weiwei has often faced with his work the drama of refugees: in 2016 he used hundreds of lifejackets to build an installation in Vienna. Also other jackets, abandoned on the Greek island of Lesbo, were used by the artist to cover the columns of the Konzerthaus in Berlin.

In addition, Weiwei presented “Human Flow” in Venice, a documentary about the desperate journey of migrants in 23 countries: from Afghanistan to the Sicilian coast, from Kenya to Iraq, from the Berlin airport to the border between Mexico and United States.

Thanks to his provocative art he’s able to give voice to those people who often don’t have it.


Schermata 16

2160214151332-ai-weiwei-berlin-4Schermata 13

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