Aricò elaborates a vision completely independent from the contemporary minimalist tendencies. At the logic of building for elementary forms join the emotion and the involvement, even spatial, to emerge the relationships that govern the totality of reality and involving the surrounding space.

He creates a series of works produced by spraying on the canvas various layers of color drops, the flatly monochrome result makes his painting “chromatically ambiguous“. In fact, as the shapes, large or small, generate a sort of “perceptive uncertainty” almost as if “they were making fun of the perspective continuity“, in the same way the uniform colors present many nuances, so the blue, the lilac, the purple transmigrate into each other.

The artist declares with regard to the color that it “isn’t an additional element, but constitutive … that always tends to the improbable, to the changeable, to existence“.
The artworks highlight how the artist’s path is coherent and complex, aimed at making the painting the place of action of an active imagination.

A work by Aricò, La scena di Mantova (1980), is presented at Unlimited, Art Basel 2018.


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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