The mixed-media artist based in Toronto Madeleine Gross finds her inspiration in everyday life, nature and the people around her. A woman who sunbathes, one who looks out the window, one who admires the sunset, one who laughs, are for her starting points to create new stories. His stories are large brushstrokes of colors, chosen according to the mood to communicate, which add to the reality an abstract touch, a different way of seeing and perceiving the existing, emphasizing it without destroying it. Her artworks, starting by simple photography became an elegant mix between reality and narration. His artworks, from simple photographs, become so tangible, an elegant mix between reality and storytelling.

“Art can take our mind to a higher state of consciousness, it’s the best way to get out of our heads and escape from our everyday problems. I want to translate a positive message and show how naturally beautiful this world is (my paint strokes are just exaggerating that.) Life is hard enough, we see so many negative images, if my photography and colorful brushstrokes can set a good vibe and bring hope to my viewer, then I’m happy”. (Read the full interview)

She uses the color with mastery, blending harmoniously in the photographic context. His artworks are delicate but at the same time with character, unique in its kind.


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