From the picture you can see just one corridor, interrupted by a table with two chairs. Actually, there are four corridors in a cross-shaped plan, all directed towards the center, where a table is placed. Every corridor is lightened by a neon light, two yellow ones and two red ones. In the center there is a plain table with two simple chairs, but an exact copy of them is placed hanging from the ceiling.

The visitor can actually enter this installation, and experience the claustrophobia inside. In fact, from the outside the lights attract people to enter, to see where the beautiful colors come from. The colors are warm, sun-like, attractive. But, once inside, the desire to exit as soon as possible starts to inhabit the visitor: the strange space, the too bright lights, the frightening table are all disturbing elements.

This dichotomy between the attractiveness and the repulse, the freedom and the imprisonment sensation are the center of this work, that the audience can really experience directly.

The tables at the center are an allusion to the violent interrogations made by the American police at the time (and right now too, unfortunately). The unpleasantness and the discomfort (not to bring up the pain…) suffered by the victims in those situations is replicated in a lower manner.

Although all that is written here is an accurate interpretation of this work, it is open fro many others interpretations, so feel free to think what you want of this!
Just keep in mind that, for this work in particular more than for others, it is very different to see it in photo or to really experience it.

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