The cover of the latest issue of National Geographic, an important magazine dedicated to the knowledge of our planet, is one of the most iconic in the long history of the newspaper. The image, designed by the Mexican artist Jorge Gamboa, represents an iceberg that, under the surface of the water, turns into a gigantic shopping bag, a highly symbolic illustration of an ecological problem that is becoming unmanageable: the proliferation of waste in plastic.
To support its campaign, entitled “Planet or Plastic?“, against the abuse of this material, this short video was also created that summarizes in a few minutes the whole history of plastic and its uses in the world. From the beginning, when the only source was plant, with the extraction of rubber from trees, the invention of industrial polymers, extracted from fossil fuels and then refined. The film ends with a series of suggestions on how to reduce the use of plastic, without packaging and using alternative materials.

Please take a minute to see the video below!



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