Kazuki Takamatsu, one of the world’s leading artists of the new visionary figurative style, creates female figures that are white and gray, shaded, light, transparent, floating on black and saturated backgrounds. Young women represented as impalpable and elusive; unable to express their emotions, closed in their dark and hostile world from which they must defend themselves, perhaps wearing a gas mask. They seem distant and at the same time sensual in their mini-dresses and their poses. The artist’s works also include elements inspired by the Japanese iconographic tradition, such as some backgrounds on which the girls float, or the chrysanthemum, a symbolic flower of the Far East. Kazuki chooses to represent violent and obscure stories with evident echoes to the recent nuclear disaster.

Interesting the realization process, the artist mixes technological innovation and tradition. Kazuki Takamatsu starts from the 3D modeling of female figures. Once chosen and fixed the desired pose of these virtual models, he intervenes with a software for photo editing. Finally, the last passage, this time manual, he uses the acrylic color on the printed support.


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