Last winter this huge installation was visible in the Canal Grande in Venice. These enormous hands were in the position of “holding” the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, a historical building in the very center of Venice.

The artist, son of the actor Anthony Quinn and the Venetian Jolanda Addolori, was addressing the fact that the city is in danger.
In fact, Venice is placed in a lagoon at sea level, and with the waters rising due to climate change, it may be inhabitable by the end of the century (reference: This is a prioritary problem for the Italian government, which is trying new solutions to avoid this; but in the meantime, the danger is real. With this sculpture the artist is bringing attention to one of the consequences of climate change, symbolically “supporting” the palace.

The mold for the hands was inspired by the artist’s son’s hands: the innocence of a child’s hands, the purity that they convey, are key to see the problem from a different perspective, with hope for the new generation to save the city.

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