Tete De Alencar is a Brazilian artist, now based in London (UK). Her practice revolves mainly around personal experiences and reflections, resulting in delicate and unique artistic projects.

Her series Enigmatic Objects consists of engraved copper rolls inside blown glasses, each of them containing a secret from the artist. In order to discover the secret, one has to destroy the piece (in a way, killing the artist herself). The project was born out of an important transitional moment in her life that led her to seek a new vision and lifestyle.

At that time, I carried many secrets about my personal life and hid them even from people very close to me. It was also a way I found to survive that painful moment but more than anything; it was transference of life to art. – the artist

Many times art is about communicating something, sharing a message, making people aware of a problem, making an artist’s reflections visible and visual. This time, the artist chooses not to tell her secrets, her reflections, her deepest thoughts. The secrets are enclosed in a fragile glass cage and they are not available for the public to read. In this case, the artist is conveying the message that secrets have to be respected, people have to be respected, not violating their privacy and intimacy.

The artist herself said that sometimes she wishes that someone will destroy a bubble at one point. She would like someone to set the secret free, to liberate her from the weight af an undisclosed secret. This is why she made the bubbles out of glass: it is a fragile material, a material that can be broken easily, even by mistake. This gives the secret a chance to be disclosed one day, and this would demonstrate what happens in normal life with secrets: as much as you try to keep them, as much as it’s painful to do so, they will probably be public in the end.

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