Farewell, Stan Lee. – #ZoomOnIllustration

Today we’re not strictly talking about Art nor Illustration; but we feel the urge to give our last goodbye to Stan Lee, American comic book writer, editor and publisher. And a lot more than that.

In the years of the Superheroes fever, Stan Lee shaped a new concept of “the hero”: a Superhero with super problems. A new way to conceive these characters -usually portrayed as ideal archetypes- making them flawed, tormented and real. Or simply, more human. A complexity that played well in deeply connecting with the public, transforming something niche “for children” in mass culture. That’s how he contributed in making Marvel a true DC opponent, and became a mythological figure to pay tribute to (well-known are, for example, his cameos inside a lot of Marvel’s movies).

Whether you like this type of entertainment or not, Stan Lee is one of those rare figures who belong to and created an important part of our pop and mainstream culture, from Comics to Cinema, shaping universes people from all over the world could dream of. His 

That’s why today we’re here to say,
Farewell, Stan Lee.

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