In the context of Lima In-Quieta, an exhibition that just happened in Paris about the Peruvian culture and specifically the city of Lima, Lizi Sánchez presented the works titled Liberación. The sculptures, made of rubber sheets cut-outs, take inspiration from the homonym poem by Magda Portal, a Peruvian poet concentrated mostly on feminism and social issues (the poem is reported at the end of this article).

The poem is all about freedom and self acceptance, with a background of socio-political references to feminism.

The three pieces are titled respectively Liberación 1, Liberación 2 and Liberación 3. The artist worked not just taking inspiration from the text, but with the text: in fact, letters and words are embedded in her works creating other figures, other patterns. In the first work, the world LIBRE makes a human face, in a way symbolizing how it is necessary to be free to be a human being. The second one is made of seven little pieces of rubber put on the floor, and the empty spaces between them make the word “viento” (wind): the pieces seems to be scattered by the wind, finding their own freedom on the floor. The last one is a sun, with Ls as rays. The L stays for LIBRE or LIBERACIÓN, words that are light to our life, concepts that bring everything come out of the dark.


Un día seré libre, aún más libre que el viento,
será claro mi canto de audaz liberación
y hasta me habré librado de este remordimiento
secreto que me hunde su astilla al corazón.
Un día seré libre con los brazos abiertos,
con los ojos abiertos y limpios frente al sol,
el Miedo y el Recuerdo no estarán encubiertos
y agazapados para desgarrarme mejor.
Un día seré libre… Seré libre presiento,
con una gran sonrisa a flor de corazón,
con una gran sonrisa como no tengo hoy.
Y ya no habrá la sombra de mi remordimiento,
el cobarde silencio que merma mi Emoción.
Un día habré logrado la verdad de mi Yo!

One day I’ll be free, even freer than the wind;
my verse will be bright with daredevil liberation
after I’ve freed myself from this secret shame
that plunges its sharp splinter into my heart.
One day I’ll be free with my arms open wide,
with my eyes open and unshielded before the sun,
Fear and Memory won’t be hiding
crouched in ambush, the better to rip me apart.
One day I’ll be free . . . I’ll be free, I know it,
with a huge smile that flowers from the heart,
with a huge smile that I don’t have today.
And then I won’t have the ghost of my shame,
the coward silence that tamps down my Emotion.
Someday I’ll have achieved the truth of my Self!

Images courtesy of the artist

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