This artwork belongs to the collection of the Deutsche Bank in Berlin, and it is a drawing.

The particularity of this drawing is that the artist drew the frame leaving the inside of the work empty. This inversion of functions of the different parts of a painting (or a drawing in this case) suggests that we are looking at the wrong thing, instead of appreciating everything that sourrounds the center of our attention.

47208183_1238277772996069_3021290930440241152_nIf you look closely, the frame has hundreds of little drawings of people on it, people without faces.
Now, the intepretation of it can be vary and different for each individual. For me, it shifts the attention from art to the world around us, making a parallel between the two. The fact that the people drawn here are without a face can be a way for the audience to relate to each one of them, feeling part of this “world around us” that needs attention (and it was probably too time consuming to draw the faces of every single little person drawn in this drawing!).

Moreover, you can see yourself reflected in the glass covering the drawing, and your face would be perfectly framed by the golden line inside the drawing and the people depicted around it. Are you the real work of art?

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