We are four young art professionals who want to share their passion for contemporary art and design. We live in four different countries: Italy, France, Germany and Switzerland. This allows us to have a more complete vision on the European art scene.

Matilde Cesareo – Author and Curator
With a strong academic backgroung, she currently attends her MBA studies in Contemporary Art: Sales, Collecting and Display in Paris, after graduating in 2017 in Disciplines of Arts, Music and Performance in Padua. She studied contemporary art and history of cinema and theatre, with a major interest on performances and particular uses of space. While graduating in Padua, she also studied Contemporary Art and Curatorial Practice at AplusA Gallery in Venice, which let her to the curatorial practice. She curated several exhibitions alone or with a group of curators. She likes contemporary art and especially photography, conceptual art and performances.

Giada Frigerio – Author, Curator and Graphic Designer
Giada Frigerio, class of ’90, she graduated at SUPSI (The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland) where she studied Visual Communication Design. She is specialized in both print and interactive design with a particular interest in graphic design, branding, webdesign, editorial design, typography and video animation. She works as a freelance visual designer and she is the art director of the Modvlar’s brand. She loves design and contemporary art. She studied Contemporary Art and Curatorial Practice at AplusA Gallery in Venice and curated a site-specific exhibition at Spazio Thetis. On her travel adventures, she did our amazing series about Asian temples and art.

Silvia Bocchero – Author, Graphic and Visual Designer, Illustrator
She doesn’t like to write about herself in third person, but if she had to, she’d say that the heat of that old summer got stuck in her blood; that’s why she’s always hot. She created her own world made of words, tales and illustrations since she was a little child, and learned later how to give it the right shape through Graphic Design.
She explored the infinite fields of Graphic Design getting particularly fascinated by motion graphic, typography, packaging, branding, service design, print and digital publishing. Her big love is still (out)illustration. She graduated in 2017 at Naba (Milan) in Graphic Design & Art Direction, with a graduation thesis on Graphic Journalism and the possibilities of AR applied to publishing. Wanting to connect her graphic skills to the digital world, she’s currently enrolled on a Master Degree in Web and Digital Design at SPD (Scuola Politecnica di Design) + Iulm (International University of Languages and Media), in Milan. Between her two majors she had the opportunity to work in the European design center of 3M Italy. She believes in travelling as a tool of knowledge, and dreams to apply illustration to social projects using design as an unexpected way to improve people’s life.

Friederike Hoberg – Author, Artist, Collector, Curator
Friederike has a strong business and arts background. She has studied international business at the Freie Universität in Berlin and attended during that time art history classes on campus. She then did her Masters at the European business school ESCP Europe in Madrid, Oxford and Paris where she was member of the Art society of Oxford University. The love for the arts and architecture then took her to one of the biggest public real Estate funds in Europe, buying, developing and managing prime architecture in Europe. She also set up her own artistic career and is now currently doing an MBA in Contemporary Art: Sales, Collecting and Display in Paris. She is involved in advice on collecting, curatorial practice and research on provenance for art pieces for sale. She loves old masters and contemporary art and is especially interested to create a series about female artists as they still suffer from lesser coverage.