Our Ko-fi page

OUR KO-FI PAGE: http://ko-fi.com/zoomoncontemporaryart

Since it’s not easy for us to keep up with the work, and since we have many ideas we want to bring to life, we decided to open a Ko-fi page.

What does it mean?
Ko-fi is an online platform that allows everyone to donate a symbolic “coffee” (3 US$) to support a project. We find this a nice idea, that permits to donate something to everyone, even with a very low budget. We don’t want to ask any money to anybody, we just wanted to find a way for people to support us if they want to. We would really appreciate it, and every money we will be able to raise will be invested in getting better every day.

As you may know, we are currently not gaining any money, choosing to keep our website ads-free. Moreover, we just began our activity (we started only in October 2017), so it is too soon to have some revenue. Every contribution will be a huge message for us to keep up with the work.

Here we will list some of the things we would like to bring to this website, with the money we will raise. The more the project will improve, the more this obectives will change in time:

  • We would like to improve the organization on the website, to allow everyone to find what they need in a more immediate way
  • We need to change the hosting of the website (technicalities, I know!)
  • We need someone who can proof-read our articles (since we are not native speakers, some mistakes are common), but this can be a boring job: some who wants to do it for free?
  • We want to start a podcast and a video-series, to make the content more accessible to everybody everywhere, but we need the materials and the spaces.

Moreover, some news are coming anyway! So stay tuned!

We already thank whoever decides to give us a coffee! Thank you very much!

Matilde, Giada, Silvia and Friederike


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